Directions to Camelford

UPDATED Dec 2015 – after last season’s errors!

Directions to Camelford RFC are a little complicated so here goes…

  • Changing rooms

Are at at Camelford Leisure Centre PL32 9UE

However, last week’s ref (5th Dec 2015) suggested there is more space in ‘the girls changing rooms at the school’ (I think primary school, but I don’t know for sure – one for you Starky)

camelford changing rooms

  • Pitch

Once you’re changed it’s time to drive convoy-style to the pitch which is at Lane End Farm [which is NOT in Davidstow]
Pitch is the red X – plenty of parking there.

camelford pitch

  • Post match

At the Conservative Club PL32 9PB back in Camelford, just over the bridge, and there is a Free Car Park on the pitch side of the bridge.

The reward for reaching the Conservative Club is pints very cheap.