Revised fixture list for the Tribute Cup

Due to the weather the CRFU have announced an alternative schedule for the Tribute Cup. Giving those teams with unplayed league games time to catch up.

In now all kicks off the weekend of the 22nd Feb, and our part from the 1st March:


1st Perranporth (Tribute Cup) – Home

8th Perranporth (Tribute Cup) – Away

22nd  St Agnes (Tribute Cup) – Home

29th St Agnes (Tribute Cup) – Away


Roseland vs Liskeard-Looe: 5-44

At kick off Roseland had a strong first 20 minutes, but Liskeard-Looe quickly took the lead. In the second half, Sam Glanville scored our only try.

That might all mean we’re out of the cup – but there should be some friendlies organised for the next few weekends. Keep an eye on the website for more details, or enter your email to the right to get updates:

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