Roseland RFC Mini’s Squad Photo – 199x?

We’ve been digging around in the archives for some interesting things to post on the website – and we thought we’d start with this one.

Anyone know which year this was? We know it’s the early 90s – but not sure which season!

Or are you one of the 2 faces we can’t name?

roseland rfc mini rugby teamClick on the photo to see a bigger version.

In the photo left to right are:

  • Chloë Thomas (the webmaster herself!)
  • ??
  • George Pascoe
  • Tiff Counsell
  • Alec Hazel
  • ??
  • Joe Tomlinson
  • Jason Curtis
  • Rob Thomas
  • Jason Toms
  • Tim Davis
  • Stephen Floyd Norris
  • Oliver Roscorl
  • Ben Rawlings
  • Scott Lloyd
  • Adam Lloyd