Helston 25-17 Roseland

Roseland travelled down to Helston with a strong squad, missing only a few key players. Helston had a similarly strong squad and on paper both teams looked to be well matched, having both dropped down to Cornwall Two this year and looking for promotion straight back to Cornwall One.

The game started slowly, with both teams sussing each other out. After 10 minutes Roseland began to dominate possession and territory but lacked a ruthless edge. Chances were wasted through poor decision making and handling mistakes but it was only a matter of time before one of the chances were taken.

Tommy Whiles (now sponsored by Jacamo) made some big tackles in defence and was happy to make it to 27 minutes before needing a sit down. New signing Alex “big boy” Benbow came on and immediately picked up from where Tommy left off, went full Chapman mode and dumped the first Helston player he hit. Mum Maggie could be heard shouting “thats my favourite son” from the sidelines.

Eventually the breakthrough came after another long period of sustained pressure. Roseland were camped on the Helston 5 metre line on the left hand side when the ball was passed inside to Joe Hitchins, who then popped the ball to Jojo Davidson who ran clean through to score. Hopefully it wouldn’t prove to be too little, too late for Jojo and co.

Roseland desperately needed another score and with 2 minutes left of the half Helston looked like they were going to be able to hold out until half time without conceding again. Luckily Roseland’s flying Fijian had other ideas. The ball was passed through the backs the entire width of the pitch before Kurt “the pebble” Johnson decided to try and balls it up by stepping back inside but Jale arrived late on his inside, screamed for the ball and powered through to score. Joe Hutchinson slotted the conversion beautifully. Half time Helston 0-12 Roseland

The second half couldn’t have started any worse for Roseland. Helston immediately scored and Roseland looked shook. Helston had the bit between their teeth and looked dangerous every time the ball went wide. They scored again and again and the Roseland heads started to drop. A series of injuries to Joe Hichings (knee), Jojo (shoulder), and Christian (broken nail) only served to disrupt any rhythm Roseland created. Captain Ant Thomas who was taken off as soon as possible had to come back on and Jale played on with a fractured wrist.

The gods seemed to be shining on Helston when even the brilliant Roseland scrum, which had pushed back the big navy boys all afternoon had a nightmare. The Helston pack was pushed back again but they somehow managed to hook the ball back and as their pack collapsed, their scrum half managed to get the ball out and beat the blindside winger one on one to score.

Tommy who was now back on the pitch as the Roseland fly half continued the age old Roseland tradition of not being able to fit in the 10 shirt. He did however provide a different kind of spark and his floated miss pass was simply sublime. Roseland scored a lovely forwards try from a driving maul off of a lineout. The ever reliable in the lineout Josh Little caught the ball and the ball made its way to the back for Harry “man mountain” Martin to score despite Tommy’s best efforts to come from fly half to take the glory. He then tried to convert the kick but it fell short.

Roseland then pushed again in the final stages. Tempers started to flare and as Helston attempted to slow the game down Toby politely reminded the Helston fullback that he couldn’t just lie in the ruck without making any effort to get out of the way. The Helston player was then sent off for his protests but they managed to hold on with 14 men. Final score Helston 25- 17 Roseland