AGM – Officers and committee

With the AGM coming up it seems a good time to explain / remind members the of various roles which exist within the Club and most of which will be elected at the meeting to be held at The Roseland Inn at 8.15 pm (after training) on Tuesday 4th July. If you are interested in becoming more involved do please put your name forward.


President – In effect this is an honorary position within the club that is commonly (but not necessarily) held by a former club Chairman, Club Captain or figure in the local community. In terms of activity, there is no “job description” so the individual is free to be as active as he or she wants to be within the club.  That said, the President should support and promote the club, understand our values and ideally be visual at most club events.

Chairman – As the name implies he/she runs the Committee and Committee Meetings and assumes the role of “Managing Director” as such in having an overview of all club activity and business.  In particular, the Chairman acts as the club figurehead and spokesman when it comes to dealing with the most important of club matters and the individual most likely to represent the voice of the club externally.

Vice-Chairman – A capable stand-in for the Chairman who also actively participates in all other activities within the club.  This position is often held by a retiring a Chairman or Chairman to be.

Treasurer – The specific person who looks after money and the club accounts. That would involve cash/cheques/standing orders coming in (whether subs, grants, legacy, sponsorship, etc.) or money leaving the account (whether new kit, payment for events, transport, laundry, rent, catering, etc.).  Professional experience in this area is therefore preferable.

Secretary – The administration person who is normally the first point of contact when it comes to general correspondence and who, in particular, supports the Chairman when it comes to arranging and conducting all meetings.  He/she is responsible for providing full written agendas and minutes of meetings so as to ensure that a full and proper record of club business is recorded and retained. 

Fixture Secretary – Responsible for the arrangement of fixtures (apart from those designated by CRFU/RFU) & fulfillment thereof, referees, timings and venues.

Social & Media Secretary – Responsible for co-coordinating, arranging, promoting and fulfillment of all social events together with ensuring that such events are posted on club social media platforms.  In practice other members of the Committee assist with many social events resulting in unofficial social sub-committees which ensure greater promotion and generally a sharing of the burden of tasks/workload.  

CRFU Representative – As the “go between” between club and CRFU, this external position involves representing the club from time to time at CRFU meetings/events.  The depth of responsibility depends on how involved the individual wants to be within CRFU but the key issue lies in reporting back to the Committee (or Secretary if preferred) on information provided by CRFU and presenting Roseland RFC issues/opinion when required. 

Other Committee Members – Not necessarily responsible for any particular aspect at outset but an active club member with a genuinely keen interest to get involved with the running of the club, attending meetings and being proactive especially where individual skill sets, contacts and interests are needed.  

All the above positions are voluntary and elections are entirely democratic.   The most important thing for our Committee is that it’s members are genuinely keen to be involved, have the best interests of the club at heart and that each is prepared to actively contribute throughout the full calendar year.